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Fixed Fees in Conveyancing: How Important?

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fixed fees in conveyancing are very importantFixed Fees in Conveyancing are extremely important for buyers and sellers embarking on the stressful experience known as buying and selling a home.

How do we know? Simple, we've always asked our clients.

Client Satisfaction Questionnaires:

We have actually been asking such questions to all clients of Clutton Cox for almost 20 years.

Our experience has shown that above all else certainty as to costs is the most valued by clients of Clutton Cox.

Complexity of Conveyancing

Even where it is not known what the conveyancing process may throw up, if all fee and potential fee information is given right at the start of the transaction, the real fear of stress by additional charges is removed.

Clients understand that there is such a service as a standard conveyancing fixed fee which will not deviate so long as the transaction is “textbook”

Where Conveyancing differs from say booking a flight is that there are matters such a defects in a conveyancing title to a property or the non existence of rights over nearby alley or lane which may not become apparent until a few weeks into the transaction.

Any such potential fees are all included in our "Making It Clear" leaflet which all clients receive right at the outset of the transaction.

It's simple if it is not in there you won't pay for it! Guaranteed

No Complaints

Most complaints against other solicitor firms seem to involve ambiguity over fees.

Our fixed fee guarantee with no hidden extras has ensured we have never had to deal with clients’ complaints at increased legal fees for conveyancing when they come to pay the bill – the so called “Fee Ambush”

So if you want peace of mind when moving home that there will be no nasty fee surprises then we are the Conveyancing firm for you: End of!

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