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The Best Conveyancing Blogs: A Personal Choice

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Clutton Cox were the first Conveyancing Solicitors to start a Conveyancing Blog back in 2008.

It’s a bit of a shame that almost 5 years later, there is a dearth of great conveyancing blogs out there. 

A few law firms have started to blog on Conveyancing more recently: some Conveyancing Solicitors are still blogging other Conveyancing Solicitors are, shall we say, in remission.

Some Conveyancing Solicitors make do with a fed newsfeed with out any attempt to put the information in a legal context. Other Conveyancing Solicitors are content with one blog a month or so 

Variety of Conveyancing Blogs is the Spice of Life

However, we know that a little variety is the spice of life so we have allowed guest blogs to appear on the Clutton Cox website over the last few years to keep you interested on allied topics to buying and selling your home and the Conveyancing process.

Now, we‘ve extended our net a little wider to bring to you our favourite Conveyancing blogs from other law firms which we think you’ll find of interest.

The Clutton Cox Top Ten Conveyancing Blogs-all you need to know in the world of Conveyancing:

1.First up we would recommend a pot pourri of up to date Conveyancing news and burning current issues. Chris Harris does a marvellous job of curating a weekly round up of all Conveyancing news at Today's Conveyancer  It may not be everyone’s dream website to kick off the week but you can if you so wish every Monday morning.

2.Tim Higham of Trethowans in Salisbury frequently posts on everyday question which clients want to know about Conveyancing. Tim laid bare the mystique of what Conveyancing Solicitors actually do all day in his entertaining post:  A Day in the Life of a Conveyancer.

3.A good post on what happens when your Lease is coming to an end and the steps you need to take to extend the term of your Lease by internet pioneering law firm Fidler and Pepler in The Lease on My Flat Needs Extending

4. A useful, concise guide to The Perils of Buying at an Auction   from The Law Practice –short sharp and to the point blog which proves blogs do not have to over long to be useful​

5. A sometimes knotty problem of Loft Conversions and the Party Wall Act posted by Gavin Ward under the title nom du plume -the Property Blawg (rather ghastly word, if you ask me used more extensively in the US to denote Law/Blog = Blawg)

6. “Estate Agents Making Conditions” A good insight into the “marketing tactics” of large corporate Estate Agents from Mike Bowen, Senior Conveyancing Manager at Mayo Winn Baxter in Brighton a subject I also explored in my post:"The Future of  Conveyancing: Say it Ain’t So

7. The energetically named Phew - the real property lawyers. A post by Mahinan Pathmanathan on Conveyancing Searches and Obligations of Clients  Only criticism is it is really not that difficult to get photos of houses and flats in the UK than use obviously American stock housing photos

8. Darlingtons who blog extensively on many areas of the law and engage through social media channels as well.Jonathan Green (who else) on The Green Deal and How It Affects Property Transactions 

9. Wards are geographically the nearest law firm to Clutton Cox. This post debunked some of the rubbish which was lapped up by journalists writing about SAGA’s Conveyancing offering –it’s via a third party and unnecessarily expensive as a result: Conveyancers Stand Your Ground

10. Last and certainly not least, Tim Bishop at Bonallack and Bishop, another post from that hotbed of legal blogs which is Salisbury – it must be the Wiltshire air. A conveyancing blog to help you before you think about moving home 

P.S. Other Great Conveyancing Blogs are no doubt available – you’ll have a job finding them though! 

Paul Hajek