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Don't even think of buying or selling your home until you've read..

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My first book on the Conveyancing and home buying and selling process has just been published entitled "Don't Even Think of Buying and Selling Your Home Without Reading This Book -it will save you time & could save you thousands"

It is available online, but for the moment not available in any good bookshops!

I will over the next month post a Chapter from the book every other day.

But, if you can't bear the suspense, follow the link at the end of this post and receive a complimentary copy.

Today, is the Introduction to the Book.

As ever, feedback will be greatly appreciated and if you have any pressing questions  I will do my best to answer them for you.

And, without further ado..

If you are thinking of buying or selling your property and you
need some help to guide you through the process from start to finish then my book is for you.

You may have moved before, are a bit rusty on what, when
and how things work. You may never have moved so are
completely in the dark or you may have moved many times.

My challenge will be for you to read something and exclaim -
well I never knew that!

My aim is to give you some golden nuggets to take away with
you so you can make your life as stress free and easy when you

All the information contained is from my personal experience
of almost 30 years as a solicitor and running my own law firm,
which included my days running one of the few law firms
which was also an Estate Agents.

I have condensed all that experience into this pocket sized
guide and used my Conveyancing culinary skills to chop up
the information for you to digest in bite-sized chunks.

This guide does not need to be read in sequence. It is for you
to dip into at your leisure as and when you need a little more
background information.

I have some great tips for you before you put your house on
the market and how to go about choosing an Estate Agent.
You will note that I use the term house as it reads more easily
than houses, flats and apartments. Flats do get a Chapter on
their own.

This guide is written in plain, easy to understand language
rather than legal jargon.

Better just say at the outset (I am a lawyer after all) that this
book is not intended, nor does it represent actual legal advice.

All information is relevant as at March 2012, including any
changes from the Spring Budget.

It is worth remembering that the Conveyancing element of
buying and selling a house is a complex business, and this
book will only skirt over the vast amount of Statute, Case Law
and Regulation which might be involved with your move.

I would be delighted to try and answer general questions you
have, and would of course be delighted, either to continue to
act for you if you are an existing client or to carry out your
       Conveyancing for the first time, if not immediately then
sometime soon