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A Good Lawyer or an Elephant: Could You Describe One?

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The Ministry of Justice (still a bit too Orwellian a title for me) published research this week that most of you when asked, couldn’t describe a good lawyer. 

A bit like an elephant really. Know one when you see one but difficult to describe.

Or to be precise 83% of 939 respondents agreed with the statement “most people wouldn’t know how to tell a good provider of Legal Services from a bad one”

The research was conducted in the light of the new Legal Services Act which will open up the legal market to non lawyers.

However, an overwhelming percentage, 91%, was content with the service they received from their lawyers.

The Ministry of Justice concludes that with such high levels of satisfaction, new entrants into the market could find it challenging to establish a foothold.

This I suspect is somewhat disingenuous.

“TescoLaw” as this phenomenon is called, will not see this as a significant barrier to entry. Their pockets are too deep

Companies such as Tesco, Co-op and the RAC to name but a few, must still be salivating at the prospects of rich gains.

The Legal Services Act is due to be fully rolled out in 2011/12.

You wouldn’t shoot an elephant would you? Nor I suspect would you want good lawyers to become an endangered species. The research shows high levels of satisfaction with lawyers.

Good lawyers will do well to heed the threat, and ensure that those high levels of satisfaction continue.


Image: Heaven's Gate (John) via Flickr