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When Choosing a Conveyancing Solicitor: Do Not Scrimp!

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When you are buying your property, it is felt by some that your Conveyancing Solicitor is an unnecessary expense.

Good advice, in this regard, was provided writing in the Bricks & Mortar section of the Times last Friday.

The article entitled “Top Ten Tips for those hoping to buy next year" advised against scrimping on the choice of your Conveyancing Solicitor.

Although primarily the advice was aimed at First Time Buyers looking to buy a property in 2010, I think that the advice should be universally applied.

When you have forked out, the article says, £300,000 for a house and a further £9000 for stamp duty and hundreds more on furniture, avoid budget options like on line Conveyancers. Instead, pick a reputable Conveyancing Solicitor who knows your area.

If you are a first time buyer the article gives advice on amongst others, the right time to buy, how to organise your finances, ensuring your credit history is clean and how to improve it.

It also recommends keeping close contact with Estate Agents. The more contact you have the more serious a buyer you will be perceived.

For a more detailed list of how you should appoint your Conveyancing Solicitor click on to our guide entitled “25 Questions You Should Ask Your Conveyancing Solicitor before You Move Home”