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Conveyancing and the Milkman

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Conveyancing Question: Is there a milkman and if so what is his name?

As Conveyancing Solicitors we are more used to answering questions on restrictive covenants; deed of easements; rights of way; declarations of trust; defective title; retrospective consents.

Occasionally, a question comes in which has no relevance to the law and to the Conveyancing of a house or flat.

Who thinks up such questions and why cannot the proposed buyer simply ask the Seller directly.

One hesitates to answer the question with “Ernie” for fear of a subsequent question as to how fast in reality was his milk cart.

It would be lovely to collate all the oddest questions asked under the guise of preliminary enquires. So Conveyancing Solicitors if you accept this challenge please let me know.

By the way, this is not an April fool story, and although not asked of Clutton Cox solicitors, it was genuinely asked of another firm of Conveyancing Solicitors.