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Conveyancing Blog Awards 2012

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conveyancing blog awardsConveyancing blogs have grown organically and significantly since I first put my head above the conveyancing parapet in 2008 and decided to write the first  Conveyancing blogs in England and Wales.

Now to honour my Conveyancing peers for publishing great conveyancing content ( and no I don’t get to nominate or participate in my own Conveyancing Blog Awards) I am accepting nominations from anyone who has been moved, educated, impressed, inspired, amused, dazzled or a combination of all, by reading a Conveyancing blog, during 2012.

Everyone is invited to nominate their favourite blog whether you are a fellow solicitor, academic, estate agent, consumer, commentator, even that poor lass from the jungle or even that bloke down the pub.

As we speak I am assembling a team of conveyancing experts to judge the nominations icluding myself and Chris Harris of Today's Conveyancer.

Nominations are open now and will be until 31st December 2012, with winners announced in early 2013.

Please nominated your favourite conveyancing blog for Conveyancing Blog Awards 2012 by voting below.

Please forward, email, tweet and publish wherever you wish and make the Conveyancing Blog Awards a success giving some deserving Conveyancing blogs the increased exposure the blogs deserve.

Paul Hajek