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Conveyancing Held up by Titanic Search and Lack of Main Trains!

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Vital Conveyancing on a new development outside Sodding Chipbury, has been delayed and put in peril a couple’s quest to own their dream home

First time buyers, Mr. Poor and Miss Unfortunate had been enticed by the strong arm tactical department of the to provide Conveyancing services on their dream home, from their sister company Don’t-Ring-Us-We’ based in Timbuktu.

The poor unfortunate first time buyers were originally assured by Brittany Kylie, the Estate Agency’s 18 year old highly experienced sales coordinator that there would be no delays. She would hound the Conveyancing Solicitors mercilessly and make sure every single question on her tick box sheet was answered. And if necessary more than once!

Furthermore, as the HIP had also been supplied by another sister company OnTheFly HIPs, this would further ensure minimal delays.

Imagine the sheer look of horror on the faces of Mr. Poor and Miss Unfortunate when they heard from Brittany Kylie in  the first of a series 1to1 Interfaces that there they could not move into their dream home.

As Brittany informed them there had been a delay caused by the Titanic Search. More worryingly, the Water and Drainage Search had revealed their dream home was not on the route of main Trains.

Brittany exclaimed that her hair extensions might not last the day.

Luckily, one of their friends put them in touch with local Conveyancing Solicitor Paul Hajek from Clutton Cox Solicitors in neighbouring Chipping Sodbury.

Initially they were a bit nervous ringing him, as their friend had already recommended Paul Hajek to them for their Conveyancing.

They confessed that they had been dissuaded from using a local Conveyancing firm as Brittany told them that this was now the way that Conveyancing was done.

And anyway if they didn’t use their chosen solicitors Brittany said she might lose her job or at best be sent away to Wales for remedial training.

We are pleased to report a happy ending. Paul Hajek a Solicitor with 27 years experience got to the bottom of the problem.

The route of the main trains was a misprint and should have read drains.

He believed the Titanic Search was more likely to have been an issue with just Title Research.

Mr. Poor and Miss Unfortunate were extremely grateful for Paul Hajek’s advice for which he did not charge and vowed that they would definitely use a local Solicitor when they next moved house.

Nice to shed some good news on this first day of April