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Disused Mines: How to Avoid a Chill In Conveyancing

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I was reminded last week, when the whole world breathed a sigh of relief for the rescued Chilean miners, that there still remains a potential hidden threat from old mine workings in our local Conveyancing areas of Bristol and Yate.

So, if you are buying a property and having your Conveyancing in Bristol or your Conveyancing in Coalpit Heath (clue in the title) Conveyancing in Yate, Conveyancing in Emersons Green, or in Winterbourne or in Hanham or Warmley, your Conveyancing Solicitor will need to carry out,(and your Lender will demand), a specific coal mining search.

For Conveyancing in Bristol there is potential for houses to be affected in most parts other than North West Bristol and parts of South Bristol

The potential for old mine works to suddenly collapse is still a real and present danger.

I know of a mine collapse in Yate, fairly recently, which luckily did not involve anyone’s house but nevertheless involved the Coal Authority in a couple months of remedial work or as you might say round these parts “filling in a girt big hole”

We are lucky when we are doing Conveyancing in Bristol and Yate, to have a specialist Coal report company Bristol Coalmining Archive, in addition to the Coal Authority.

Bristol Coalmining Archives' reports are based on the extensive archive built up over many years by the late John Cornwell.

Bristol Coal Mining Archive now holds the most extensive collection of such information for Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Somerset.

I recall doing Conveyancing in Hanham, and faced with a property in a road where there had been difficulties with collapsed mine workings.

Bristol Coalmining Archives were able to show that my clients intended property lay over an unworked seam of coal and therefore would be unaffected. Other properties in the street were very close to mine shafts and may not be so lucky

Ian Greenfield from Bristol Coalmining Archives has kindly given permission for the publication of their map showing the approximate potentially coal affected areas. You can access the Bristol and Somerset Coal Field Map here.

If you are in any doubt whether the property you are buying may be affected by past coal workings, your Conveyancing Solicitor will advise you.

The cost of a Coal Report with Bristol Coalmining Archives is £40 plus VAT.

If you would like advice on any aspect covered by this blog please contact us.