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Conveyancing in Yate, South Gloucestershire: 10 Things You Need To Know If You Are Moving Home.

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What should you be looking for when selling or buying a home in Yate, near Bristol.

Here are 10 helpful suggestions to get you on your way:-

1. Yate is about 13 miles north east of Bristol, with good rail and motorway links. The local authority is South Gloucestershire. You can find here the range of services provided by South Gloucestershire Council

2. There is reference to Yate in the Doomsday Book. Modern Yate is essentially divided into two areas North and South Yate.

3. North Yate is newer than South Yate and is a term conjured originally by Estate Agents but which is now official

4. South Yate was a new town built in the early sixties as a spill over for Bristol. North Yate was built in the 1980s and 1990s

5. Past Mining Activity was carried on in the area parallel with Station Road.

The Eggshill Colliery ceased operations in 1906. It is wise (and essential) if you are obtaining a mortgage for your house purchase to have a Coal Authority search carried.

6. The main mining area was to the west away from the town centre in an area called Engine Common. Any new housing developments will be centred on Engine Common.

7 Another part of Yate was also mined for celestine, a component of fireworks. Celestine Road gets is name from the mineral. All operations finished in 1994

8 St Mary’s church in Yate dates back to Norman times.

If you are selling your property and come within roughly the parish of St.Mary’s, you may required to pay an Indemnity Insurance to guard yourself against something called Chancel Repair. You can find out more about  Chancel Repair Liability here.

9 All the estate agents in Yate are part of corporate organisations. They employ hard selling tactics to sell you other services such as mortgages, HIPs and Conveyancing. For example the Conveyancing linked with the corporate agents is not only not carried out locally, but is carried out in another country.

There is a locally owned  Estate Agency in North Yate which is well regarded.

It is possibly harder to sell your house in Yate with an Estate Agent from Chipping Sodbury , but you may find their fees more competitive.

10. Be resolute and do not be brow beaten into submission. Always consider options and obtain a few quotations for every service you require.

Needless to say appointing a Conveyancing Solicitor locally is to be recommended. You can get help to budget for your Conveyancing by clicking here, and getting a fixed fee quotation for your Conveyancing

If it is your first time you are moving to or from Yate, call or email us without any obligation for free information and advice.