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Fixed Fees in Conveyancing: All Day Long.

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fixed fees in conveyancingWhat do clients really want when choosing their solicitors and law firms?

The issue is a pressing one as a legal “big bang” is set to explode in to the legal services market in England and Wales in the next few months.

So called Alternate Business Structures (ABSs) – TescoLaw as some would have it- will be able to sell legal services direct to the public.

Not surprisingly, a raft of surveys is springing up all around which examine how the public view legal services, what they like and dislike and how their buying of legal services such as conveyancing will be affected.

One such survey teased on the legal futures website  but not fully published has highlighted a preference for consumers for fixed legal fees.

I will report more fully when the whole survey by Peppermint Technology is published next month.

This is music to our ears here at Clutton Cox where our legal services such as conveyancing wills and probate are covered by our fixed price guarantee with no hidden extras

Throw in on-line access to the clients file –like we do at Clutton Cox with our case tracker for conveyancing-  and  you will have a vary happy client.

And let this be a lesson for the big brands amongst others id they decide to enter the legal services market via ABSs such the eponymous Tesco, Co op, RAC- yes that’s means fixed legal fees all day long, over an above a specific brand!

The feedback which we continually receive from our clients when they complete our client satisfaction surveys is that fixed legal fees are of paramount importance.

The worst nightmare for a legal client is to receive a nasty bill shock at the end of the transaction.

The peace of mind which clients of Clutton Cox receive by knowing that their fees will be fixed from the outset cannot be underestimated.


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