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Fixed Fees in Conveyancing, Wills and Probate Shock!

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fixed fees conveyancing wills probateWell, Fixed Fees in Conveyancing Wills and Probate appears to be shocking for some of the new entrants in to the legal arena.

Another day another press release and lapped up by the press: this time up, SAGA.

Case in point the Times ( which should know better) published last Thursday (as if it were ground- breaking news) that consumers/clients want fixed fees for legal services such as conveyancing wills and probate.

Every report seems to indicate that clients and consumers have been denied access to fixed legal fees since time immemorial (1189 in case you’re wondering) and have been subjected to and festooned with incomprehensible legal jargon as if a form of water boarding punishment

30 Years of Fixed Legal Fees

SAGA is concentrating its efforts on fixed fees, eschewing legal jargon and communication with clients

Where has SAGA been? Has no one in that organisation had a house move for example with the benefit of fixed conveyancing fees?

I have operated all my legal life (30 years in January) with fixed fees in Conveyancing.

My law firm Clutton Cox is proud of its long tradition of guaranteed fixed legal fees with no hidden extras. Wills at Clutton Cox are also with fixed legal fees.

This is not revolutionary!

Incomprehensible Legal Jargon

Most solicitors and law firms draft legal documents in plain English and have been doing so for many years.

Solicitors will know and verify this as they will have been on the other side of drafting the documents for approval.

There may be a nostalgic glint for the occasional “hereinbefore” or the “hereinafter” but these are but dying embers.

Client Communication

I know that the ABSs and SAGA is no exception will use their greater marketing skills to woo potential customers.

Let’s face it every law firm can improve how it treats its clients, but our own Clutton Cox client satisfaction surveys are excellent.

We are working on our new Clutton Cox Client Experience and are reviewing how we can make a legal transaction a more enjoyable and personal experience, from initial contact (increasingly by entrance on to our website) through to first meeting and on to completion of the matter and after care and afterwards.

No Legal Fees Ambush at Clutton Cox

What my 30 years experience as a solicitor has taught me is the number 1 gripe from clients is the so called fee ambush. In my mind it should be a capital offence.

No such worries for clients of Clutton Cox, though.

If our fees are not laid out at the start of the transaction and something unexpected arises, then our clients will simply not be billed for any further legal fees. End of.

So as a client of Clutton Cox there really has never been any chance of turning a Conveyance, a Will, a Lasting Power of Attorney or a Probate into a unhappy saga of unlimited legal fees, incomprehension or lack of communication.


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Paul Hajek