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Conveyancing Solicitors: Swift, Efficient and Cost Effective, Right?

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But how do you know that’s what you will get, when you instruct your Conveyancing Solicitor to act for you when you move home

You may have heard horror stories of chains breaking down, and Conveyancing Solicitors not doing a great job.
More recently, there are many stories of dealing with online ‘call centres’ who are often not qualified and keep you hanging on the phone ‘in a queue’ while they answer other calls – hardly a personal professional service!

To help you understand why some Conveyancing Solicitors are different, you should have a list of frequently asked questions so you can decide if the particular firm of Conveyancing Solicitors are for you.
Here are some questions to ask your Conveyancing Solicitor:

1. What do you charge?
2. Will there be any hidden extras?
3. How do you Bill?
4. What are your terms?
5. Who will be looking after me?
6. How often will we need to meet?
7. Where do we meet?
8. Do you guarantee your work?
9. What will you do for us?
10. What will we need to do for you?
11. Can you tell what it is going to cost, now?
12. What other matters can you help us with during the matter?
13. What steps are necessary before we can start working together?
14. Where do I go to get my service issues addressed?
15. Do you have a website so we can see a little more about you?
16. Do you bite? (just kidding on that one)

There is so much information already available on the internet that a Google search for Conveyancing Solicitors (in your area) will give you a better understanding of how one firm can give you more than another firm.