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Conveyancing: Something for the New Year, Sir?

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Conveyancing is about to become a little bit more exciting in 2011.

20 years after the Conveyancing Protocol or Transaction as it was known, was introduced by the Law Society to standardise and revolutionise the Conveyancing Process, a new version is set to hit the Conveyancing market in England and Wales in 2011.

But there is an important tweak: Conveyancing Solicitor firms must pass a quality threshold, which involves not only experience, competency, but also exemplary levels of client care.

Conveyancing solicitors are now being vetted as to their competence before being allowed to display a new kite mark of quality; The Conveyancing Quality Standard

The Conveyancing Quality Mark, as the application process is so comprehensive, will aim to give the public a little more reassurance, that the particular Conveyancing firm they are dealing with can not only “Talk the Talk, but Walk the Walk

Soon “consumers” (I know but you will hopefully become clients) will be able to look for a new kite mark on Conveyancing Solicitor websites- dare I say it before delving deeper.

The Law Society’s Transaction Conveyancing Quality Scheme (gulp!), which will be simply known as CQS (phew!) will ensure Conveyancing Solicitors abide by a Client Charter.

The Client Charter lays down what you can expect from your Conveyancing Solicitor.

What clients can expect as a bare minimum will be:

• The Conveyancing Process will be clearly explained at the outset, and what you can expect from your Conveyancing Solicitor.
• What will it cost
• Information on the progress of your move will be freely available
• The new CQS will be adhered to.
• Clients will be treated fairly
• Conveyancing Solicitors and their staff will remain polite and professional at all times
• Enquires will be dealt with promptly
• Any problems will be dealt with quickly as they arise
• Clients will be asked to provide feedback at the end of the transaction
• A structured complaints procedure will be in place

Originally planned for the start of 2011, but now slated to begin in spring 2011, the Conveyancing Quality Mark is one of the recommendations from a Law Society Consultation Paper entitled the Future of Conveyancing.

Clutton Cox was one of only 12 firms of Conveyancing Solicitors, who took the time to respond to the Law Society’s discussion paper onthe future of Conveyancing in England and Wales.

One of its welcome recommendations has now seen the light of day: the Conveyancing Quality or Kite Mark.

Clutton Cox was one of the first Conveyancing firms of Solicitors to apply for recognition.

Clutton Cox, Conveyancing Solicitors look forward to a brave new world of Conveyancing Standards and client care in 2011.