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Conveyancing Fees Refunded

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If Spurs win the Champions League or Bath Rugby win the European Cup in 2011.

So went our headline at the beginning of the season.

But,alas we are down to one. Bath's chances of winning the European Cup vanished on Saturday 18th December with the loss to Ulster. 

Those of you who have read Paul Hajek's profile will see that his ambition is for Spurs to win the Champions League within the Perpetuity Period ( a legal definition equivalent to 80 years)

Paul also rugby played for Bath in the late seventies and early eighties 

Now that Spurs have qualified for the Champions League last 16, you can still get your Conveyancing fees refunded if Spurs win the Champions League in 2011 


You can admire me for my optimism but what have you to lose? 


All you need to do is instruct us online to carry out your conveyancing on your sale or purchase and we will refund your conveyancing fees 


Obviously, we won't be returning Stamp Duty, VAT or any of the other disbursements, as quite frankly the government and the other authorities are not that generous. 


Our standard fee as shown in our Online Conveyancing Calculator will be the fee which will be refunded  


So for example if your standard fee for your Conveyancing is £399 (exclusive of VAT) we will refund to you the sum of £399, if Spurs win the Champions League in 2011(we will understand if you support Arsenal you might have issues, but please don't let that put you off) 


So all you have to do is fill in your instructions for us to act for you in our online form. 


Good Luck !