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Waitrose in Chipping Sodbury: What's In It For Us?

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waitrose in chipping sodbury

After innumerable delays Planning Permission was finally given for a Waitrose supermarket and 170 new houses in Chipping Sodbury

As politicians might pronounce it is "shovel ready" and work started in January 2013.

As Conveyancing Solicitors in Chipping Sodbury we are always delighted to put a Conveyancing angle on important local matters

This now includes a special Conveyancing fees promotion to celebrate the opening of the new Waitrose Store in Chipping Sodbury.

Section 106 Agreement:

The grant of planning permission for the Waitrose supermarket  is the culmination of six or so years planning and preparation.

As with all major planning permissions there is a formal legal deed called a Section 106 Agreement under the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act which all relevant parties enter into with the local authority.

Section 106 agreements deal with the provision of infrastructure around developments.

South Gloucestershire Council has imposed conditions in return for the grant of planning permission for the Supermarket and additional housing in Chipping Sodbury.

The "Waitrose" Section 106 Agreement

The main conditions include creating a new access road, extension of existing car park, provision of a new footbridge giving access directly off  Chipping Sodbury High Street.

The Section 106 agreement has also called for financial contributions for other matters not directly associated with a supermarket such as a contribution towards publically accessible art; some of the houses on the development will be for social low cost accommodation;  a contribution towards the  provision of  educational facilities;  further contributions for the upkeep of off site public open spaces, local library and improvement s to public transport are included.

Paul Hajek

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