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Exploded: The Myth of Cheap Wills from Will Writers

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How does a £30 Will turn into a £1700 Bill?

With a Will Writer of course!

Last night’s Panorama programme on BBC unravelled the subterfuges used by an unregulated industry, known a Will Writers.

The stock devices of hidden cameras, slick but misleading sales pitches and running camera interviews with soon to be convicted fraudsters, produced a long overdue expose of an industry riven with pitfalls for the unwary consumer.

Wills were traditionally the domain of Solicitors, a profession more regulated than any other and with insurance to counterbalance any mistakes.

It is from this heritage that Will Writers have been able to become the cuckoo in the solicitors nest.

Why else would members of the public trust someone with their Will and trust them to administer their estates. Because the must be like solicitors, right? That’s why.

Will writers without the burden of regulation and insurance have been able to flourish and now account for 10 % of the market according to Panorama.

If you imagine the sales techniques and “the comfort of your own home” pressure selling of the legendary double glazing salesman, you would not be far off the mark, when characterising a Will Writer.

When sales people are driven by commission it changes the dynamic of what is in it for me rather than what is in the best interests of the client.

You may feel you have had a good experience of Will Writers and sure enough it is difficult to deny the peace of mind that they might bring.

But is it worth taking the risk when there is no avenue for complaint and in the worst case scenario could leave your beneficiaries without a penny.

At the conclusion of Panorama it was announced that the Government was urgently bringing forward legislation to regulate Will Writers, similar to legislation which is being introduced in Scotland later this year.

Not before time!

If you have had a Will drawn up by a Will Writer and are worried about what you may have let yourself in for, we would be happy to review your Will free of charge.

It may at least give you the additional peace of mind that some of the headaches and hardships suffered by people in the Panorama programme do not affect you and your loved ones and beneficiaries.

You can still watch Panorama on BBC iplayer