In the Land of Fixed Legal Fees, the Small Law Firm is King

fixed legal feesI love surveys, me!

Seemingly, not a week goes by without a new survey on some aspect or other of the legal services industry.

The latest survey conducted by IRN Research entitled Annual Review of the Legal Market makes for interesting reading.

Death of the Hourly Rate?

 Various factors are afoot which are putting pressure on traditional pricing models.

Simply put: the end of the hourly rate may be nigh!

Fixed Fees for Conveyancing

Some 80% of the 2,000 consumers surveyed expected fixed fees in Conveyancing or for making a Will. 59% favoured fixed fees for Divorce as well.

It was tacitly acknowledged that some areas of law which are more complex and time consuming such as a personal injury or clinical negligence case may not lend themselves as much to fixed fees. In such cases, there was a preference to conditional fee arrangements

Guaranteed Fixed Legal Fees with No Hidden Extras:

Particularly pleasing to learn was that where law firms do offer consumers fixed legal fees that those firms "are likely to have a clear competitive advantage" over those law firms that bill by the hour.

In my experience,, those law firms which offer fixed fees are by and large smaller law firms.

Fixed Legal Fees

At Clutton Cox all our legal services including Conveyancing, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Wills and Probate are done on a guaranteed fixed fee basis with no hidden extras.

We know it makes sense for our clients and they tell us it is also what they prefer.

As a special bonus for reading this blog if you instruct us before 31st March 2012 and quote "Fixed Fee Blog" can get £25 off a single transaction such as a Conveyance, Will or Lasting Power of Attorney and £50 if you are buying and selling at the same time.

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