Conveyor Belt Conveyancing: Is It Worth Taking The Risk?


risks of conveyor belt conveyancing

We all know a picture can really speak a thousand words, although in this modern digital age, picture may be replaced with a new word “Infographic”

I've not come across an Infographic in the Conveyancing world before so imagine my delight and surprise stumbling uponthe above Conveyancing Infographic via Twitter last week entitled:” The Risks of “Conveyor Belt Conveyancing”

The Conveyancing Infographic comes from Liverpool law firm Goldsmith Williams. Managing Partner, Eddie Goldsmith who kindly gave permission for its use in our blog was very proud of the fact that it was devised and delivered all in house.

The Conveyancing Infographic deliciously animates a process for Conveyancing which many in full receipt of all the facts may run a mile to avoid

What is Conveyor Belt Conveyancing?

The analogy is well place.

You know, that feeling of being just a cog in a Conveyancing machine, just a case number to your “case handler”

No matter how well oiled that Conveyor Belt becomes is it really worth taking the risk in the first place?

You, dear reader are now much more likely to fall prey to such Conveyor Belt Conveyancing as more Conveyancing over the last few years has been undertaken not by traditional High Street and Regional Practices but more by big national brands fed by their own Estate Agencies or via Estate Agents “rewarded” by referral fees from the Conveyancers.

The Risks of Conveyor Belt Conveyancing

The Infographic looks not dissimilar to a snakes and ladders board with inviting snakes to lure you with a Bank's offer of "free legals” or ultra low headline conveyancing fees which you know deep down are just too low to be true.

“Free Legals”: Neither True for Lunch Nor as a Conveyance

When a Bank or other Lender makes such an offer, are your interests really being looked after?

Do you think the Conveyancer is being paid sufficiently by the Bank to hold your hand effectively throughout your move? And what if other fees become payable because the conveyance is “not standard”

Shouldn’t you have just the slightest suspicion that the Conveyancer is looking after the Bank's interest first and yours second.

And, do you really think you have a leg to stand on if anything went wrong - when the Bank was paying your Solicitors’ fees.

Inexperienced Conveyancers

Conveyor Belts are used to going around and around.

Conveyancing is often far from standard. If something crops up which your inexperienced case handler has not encountered before, in your worst case scenario (pun intended) you may run the risk of your move collapsing.

“Your Call Is Important To Us”

Many the tweet I've seen which bemoans the inability to contact a Conveyancer on the phone. When any organisation including Conveyancers tells you your call is important and that your call will be answered as soon as possible - and then is not - is clearly not interested in your call and you are part of a conveyor belt conveyancing process.

At Clutton Cox, we are often asked what is going on in a chain as Estate Agents can't get through to other Conveyancers in the chain.

I've Already Given You That Information”

This one is designed the frustrate the hell out of you. Not speaking to the same person and having to repeat yourself is a symptom of conveyor belt conveyancing.

“Conveyancing from £99”

It pains me to report that such fees are still being promoted.

You know and I know that you will not get your Conveyancing at this price and that hidden fees will come out of the woodwork at the end of your transaction. It’s fee ambushing not just in Conveyancing which really annoys clients and should be stamped out.

And of course if you unfortunate enough to be sucked in by such underhand Conveyancing tactics will you really be surprised you end up on a Conveyancing Conveyor Belt?

The thrust of the Infographic is very close to our hearts here at Clutton Cox.

You do get what you pay for!

A House Sale or Purchase is one of the biggest financial transactions you will undertake in your life.

Why run the risk of having that experience on a conveyancing conveyor belt

Use a firm of Solicitors who are part of the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS)

A big hat tip to the Conveyancing team at Goldsmith Williams for educating the Conveyancing world.

No need to fall off the end the end of a Conveyor Belt, don't risk it in the first place

Paul Hajek