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25 Questions you should ask your Conveyancing Solicitor before you Move Home.

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There are so many Conveyancing solicitors to choose from, but where do you start?

Even where you have received a recommendation, how do you know that you will really get on well together.

There are many Conveyancing Solicitors, who might be regarded as technically competent but there are fewer Conveyancing Solicitors that you might call service quality competent.

There are indeed, fewer Conveyancing solicitors that are willing to give you what you want and not just what they think you need.

What you will need to do is to take your own experience, and recall the last time you dealt with a professional recently, whether or not a Conveyancer.

Ask yourself did they do the following?

• Understand the unique nature of your matter?

• Shut up and listen carefully to what you have to say?

• Explain what they were going to do and why and not just assume you knew and already understood?

• Help you understand the reasons behind what was going on rather than just telling you what was going on?

• Keep you informed when you want to be, and how you wish to communicate; by letter, fax, email, text or sms message or in person?

• Avoid jargon and write to you in plain English?

• Make sure they were accessible when you want them to be?

• Keep their promises?

• Keep to deadlines?

• Involve you in major points of the work?

• Show an interest beyond the work at hand?

• Be helpful beyond the task for which they were paid?

• Treat you as an individual not a case or matter number? • Guarantee to return every call by the end of the day?

• Tell you your call is important, yet there are not enough staff to answer the phone to you?

• Assign you to this team or that, only for you to have to explain yourself over and over again?

• Provide common sense solutions to problems without making a song and dance about it?

• Counsel you and give you a helping hand, when the stress gets too much?

• Give you a loyalty discount next time you use their services?

• Give you all the charges before we start to work for you and no nasty bill shock?

• Make it easy for you to make contact so you don't have to take time off work?

• Give you a guarantee that you can always speak to the lawyer dealing with your matter?

• Give you access to your matter with web tracking and text or sms updates?

• Provide you with unrivalled local knowledge, and not just on legal matters?

• Above all, provide testimonials from clients proving they don't just talk the talk- but walk the walk!?

There we are. No real magic, but just a common sense approach to make your business relationship with your Conveyancing Solicitor as pleasant as possible.

Contrary to some public opinion, we are human as well!