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We Don't Do Conveyancing: It's Much More Important Than That

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Think about it.

What we do is much more important that just conveyancing

What are you about to do when you move house?

As Conveyancing experts who’ve helped thousands of people move, we know moving home can be pretty daunting. 

It can be fraught with worry anxiety and stress with no guarantee of a successful outcome.

You’re not choosing a colour for your car, your hair or your pet. 

You are about to embark on one of the most expensive sales or purchases in your lifetime.

That’s why we don’t do Conveyancing: It’s much more important than that.

“Conveyancing is as Conveyancing Does” – Forrest Gump

Well, Forrest would have said that if we had asked him, I’m sure.

You can stroll around the internet and find headline prices for Conveyancing which appear to be just too good to be true.

And guess what – they are just that.

But is it really worth the risk?

3 Top Tips When You’re Choosing Your Conveyancing Solicitor

We’ve banged on about this before but they’re worth repeating:

  • Listen to friends and family who have moved home recently. Would they recommend their Conveyancing solicitor?
  • Don’t be bullied by your Estate Agent into using their preferred lawyers. Many estate agents are incentivised to gain in-house or paid Conveyancing referrals.
  • Get the look and feel of the Conveyancing firm, by doing research on the internet. You may find mug shots of the people you will be dealing with, but more importantly relevant content on many or all of the aspects both legal and practical you may face in your move

“Which” Magazines Says So As Well

Which reports that there has been growth in the number of online conveyancers and so-called “tick-box, bucket shop style, call centre conveyancing services” often offering cheap conveyancing fees.  

Buying a home is almost always likely to be the largest purchase most people will ever make. It is a legal transaction and buyers and sellers need professional and qualified legal representation.  Yet despite this, after looking at the other costs involved in moving home, many choose ‘cheap’ rather than ‘best’ when it comes to appointing a solicitor – a decision many often deeply regret.   

But, My Bank, Building Society, Estate Agent Will Pay My Conveyancing Fees

When a Bank or other Lender or some fang-dangled offer from a corporate Estate Agent makes such an offer, are your interests really being looked after? 

Do you think for one moment the Conveyancer is being paid sufficiently by the Bank to hold your hand effectively throughout your move? 

Do you have just the slightest suspicion that the Conveyancer is looking after the Bank's interest first and you second. 

We know of a case where an Estate Agent manager was selling a flat which did not have Building Regulation approval and referred an inexperienced buyer to their Conveyancing firm who would only be paid on a no sale no fee basis.

Conflict of interest or what?

And what about that other old chestnut if other fees become payable because the conveyance is “not standard”.

The Clutton Cox Conveyancing Philosophy

As we’ve said we don’t do Conveyancing- it’s much more important than that.

What we do is to ensure that your experience of Buying and Selling your home is made as easy and secure for you with the minimum of fuss and complete peace of mind.

We’re approachable and fast moving: from the moment a sale or purchase is agreed until contracts are exchanged (binding); from the moment you hand over or receive the keys or both, we will ensure you are safe in the knowledge that we are looking after your best interests.

When times get fraught we’ll be there for you. We’re not on the clock so we can give you all the time and attention you need.

Conveyancing is just so much more than signing a contract and a deed.

Don’t you agree?

Don’t take our word for it – read about it from some people who know.


Paul Hajek