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All Conveyancing Solicitors Are The Same (LOL!)

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conveyancing solicitors are not all the sameWhere do you start when it comes to choosing your Conveyancing Solicitors when you move house?

Tough call.

Friends ,family, colleagues would be a good start.

There are also a few Conveyancing Law Firm websites where you can get access to some great legal content and give you an indication of what they’re all about.

Estate Agent recommendation, yes but be wary. Some Estate Agents use their in-house, call centre operations and are very slick about it; some Estate Agents can only feel they can recommend ( technical term is refer) if they get paid by the Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer.

Tip: Estate Agent =Local; Conveyancing Solicitor = other end of the country or even in another country = hmmm?

The Conveyancing Solicitor “Acid Test”

What you should ask yourself: will your Conveyancing Solicitor be able to rise to the following  challenges?

  • Give you what is essential right at the start: a full breakdown of all the possible fees before they start to work for you and avoid a nasty bill ambush at the end of your move as we have done with our free online Conveyancing Calculator. Give it a whirl!
  • Understand that every move is not the same and that you are an individual not a case or matter number.
  • Not love to hear the sounds of their own voices and shut up and listen carefully to what you have to say?
  • Explain difficult areas to you and try to give you bite-sized chunks of information in an easily digestible format like we have done here in a Snakes and Ladders Infographic on the complicated law of Chancel Repair Liability.
  • Understand that some people would prefer to watch rather than read by providing  their own YouTube channel to keep you abreast with common occurrences in the conveyancing process like we have done here.
  • Help you understand the reasons behind what is happening  rather than just telling you what was going on?
  • Keep you informed when and how you want to be ?
  • Avoid jargon and write to you in plain English?  This is our complaints procedure or is it something much more?

  • Make sure they were accessible when you want them to be?
  • Keep their promises and stick to deadlines?
  • Not treat you as an individual nor a case or matter number and show an interest in you beyond the work at hand?
  • Be helpful beyond the task for which they were paid by providing an interactive hub full of important and not so important information?
  • Guarantee to return every call by the end of the day?
  • Tell you your call is important, yet there are not enough staff to answer the phone to you?
  • Assign you to this team or that, only for you to have to explain yourself over and over again?
  • Provide common sense solutions to problems without making a song and dance about it?
  • Counsel you and give you a helping hand, when the stress gets too much?
  • Make it easy for you to make contact so you don't have to take time off work?
  • Give you a guarantee that you can always speak to the Conveyancing Solicitor dealing with your move?

So, dear reader, you can see that the question are all conveyancing solicitors the same does merit a laugh out loud (LOL)

Do keep in touch until it is time for you to move and if you have any questions reach out and we’ll be there. 


Paul Hajek

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