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Chancel Repair Liability: Still a Game of Snakes and Ladders?

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Update: this blog has now been updated, and you can view it here.

Where Exactly Are We With Chancel Repair Liability? from Clutton Cox

LATEST UPDATE 16th January 2015:

Government confirms in a House of Lords Debate that it has no further plans to change law on Chancel Repair Liability

So you woke up on the morning of 13th October 2013 the day after the deadline by which Parochial Church Councils had to register, where applicable, Chancel Repair Liability against your Property.

You’ve checked the post. There is no letter from the Land Registry informing you that a notice or caution has been registered against your property.

But can you categorically say you are now safe from any potential Chancel Repair Liability (CRL)?

The answer: it may well be all over for most – but not just yet for a few

Here is an Infographic to help you understand how Chancel Repair Liability may still affect you.

chancel repair liability game of snakes and laddersThe Infographic covers both registered and unregistered land and your fate will be determined by snakes and ladders.

Great, if you have made it up the ladders.

If you have slid down one of the snakes you may be liable in the future for a contribution to repair the Chancel of your local church.  Not so good if you want to sell your house.

The Infographic is for illustration purposes only and does not constitute legal advice for which you must consult your Conveyancing Solicitor

Infographic by Veronica Aguillar 

Paul Hajek

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