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Where Exactly Are We With Chancel Repair Liability?

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Update: this blog has now been updated, and you can view it here.

In our last update on our Everything You Need to Know about Chancel Repair Liability post on 3rd September there was some important information.

The information involved the Church of St. Cuthbert’s in Lytham St.Annes in Lancashire and it had received a certain notoriety.

The church held the record for the most unilateral notices issued and registered by the Land Registry against home owners in their parish.

The notices were for the potential liability to repair the Chancel of St. Cuthbert’: a whopping 6,108 Chancel Repair Liability notices in total.

The number of notices in St.Cuthbert’s parish represented just under half the total number of Chancel Repair Liability notices served in light of legislation requiring registration of Chancel Repair Liability by 12th October 2013.

The good news for the affected homeowners was the removal of the Notices at the Land Registry.

The Parochial Church Council of St Cuthbert’s also confirmed that it would not seek to register liability against the homeowners’ titles in the future.

So exactly where are we now with Chancel Repair Liability?

The news from Lytham is encouraging.

The psychological impact on homeowners affected cannot be underestimated.

Although relatively late in the day some PCCs are realising the negative impact such arbitrary decisions can have on the good auspices of the Church of England.

My hunch is that a few more will fall by the wayside so long as there is continuing pressure from the media, social media and local protest to remove or prevent any registrations.

We also updated our blog to announce that Lord Avebury a Liberal Democratic Peer introduced a Private Members’ Bill into Parliament on 16th July  2014.

The proposed legislation seeks to ‘end the liability of lay rectors for the repair of chancels’

No further news on this but we will continue to update our blog.

BBC One: Rip Off Britain Tuesday 16th September 9.15 a.m.

But still some unfortunate homeowners have the threat of Chancel Repair Liability hanging over them.

Next Tuesday the BBC are showing a report on how Chancel Repair Liability is affecting some homeowners in the village of Edingale near Tamworth. There are 5 or so homeowners who have  (at the time of writing) been served unilateral notices from the Land Registry informing them of their potential liability.

To coincide with the programme we created a slideshare presentation on Chancel Repair Liability entitled “Where Exactly Are We With Chancel Repair Liability”

And did I mention I’m appearing in the programme as well?


Paul Hajek


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