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36 Things You Won't Get From Another Conveyancing Law Firm When You Move House

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working together with clutton coxYou know us.

We don’t do boring.

Our aim is to wow.

The stodgy has long since been banished from our kingdom.

Dullards bid a hasty retreat when they move into our airspace.

Legal gobbledegook has emigrated and inhabits other legal entities.

But you do need to know a few things before you instruct us to act for you when you move house – the powers that be say so.

They insist we tell you how to complain about your law firm – right from the get go

Charming isn’t it?

Well, as innovators in legal services, we don’t think that has to be akin to a trip to the dentist for root canal work.


What about a visual, easy to understand presentation using plain English with everything you need to know.

And the chance for a happy ending as well.

Of course, there is a serious message but the essence is working together with common goals with the minimum of fuss and greater peace of mind.

Win Win. Job done.

Here is our slideshare presentation


Oh, and, please share with family (near and far) friends, colleagues and not least your favourite estate agents

Paul Hajek