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Conveyancing: Choosing Your Conveyancer

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Update: this blog has now been updated, and you can view it here.

choosing a conveyancerThe Conveyancing process transfers the legal ownership of a property from one owner to a new owner.

If you buying or selling your home you’ll need a Conveyancer do your Conveyancing.

Not all Solicitors undertake Conveyancing and some specialise more than others.

But, how hard can it be to choose your Conveyancer when moving home?

What Type of Conveyancing Service Are You Buying?

Most of you will rightly expect a certain level of technical competence from your lawyers.

But, what about service delivery quality?

If you are one of the 19% of consumers who only want as cheap as chips good luck to you as there will inevitably be a trade-off with price and service.

Cheap as Chips Conveyancing

Such services may initially appavoid cheap conveyancingear to be more cost effective but the law firm might also be based at the other end of the country to you.

The Legal Ombudsman, the head honcho for complaints, believes that this type of service delivery is more likely to work if your transaction is straight forward without any particular issues. You may be taking a risk if anything unusual, or unexpected, crops up during the transaction. The individual responsible for your case may not have the same qualifications or experience as the lawyer on your local high street, which could mean that the advice you get may not  be as informed as you’d like it to be. You can read the Legal Ombudsman Guide here.

On the other hand, if you are one of the 80% who value great service you should be able to find the right lawyer willing to give you what you want and not just what your Conveyancer thinks you need.

25 Questions To Ask Yourself About What Conveyancing Service You Want

Or put it another way what are the characteristics of enhanced client service you're looking for and do you recognise any of the following?

Will your Conveyancer:

  • Understand the unique nature of your matter?
  • Assign you to a case number and a case handler. Buying a home is one of the most expensive things you’re ever likely to do. Why risk it?
  • Shut up and listen carefully to what you have to say?
  • Have a commitment to the 4 C’s of Client Care
  • Explain what they were going to do and why and not just assume you knew and already understood?
  • Help you understand the reasons behind what was going on rather than just telling you what was going on?

conveyancing jargon

  • Keep you informed when you want to be, and how you wish to communicate? by letter, fax, email, text message or in person?
  • Avoid Conveyancing jargon and write to you in plain English
  • Make sure they were accessible when you want them to be?
  • Keep their promises?
  • Keep to deadlines?
  • Involve you in major points of the work?
  • Show an interest beyond the work at hand?
  • Be helpful beyond the task for which they were paid?
  • Guarantee to return every call within a couple of hours or at least by the end of the working day?
  • Tell you your call is important, yet there are not enough staff to answer the phone to you and you are put in a queue?
  • Assign you to this team or that, only for you to have to explain yourself over and over again because you are dealing with someone different each time?
  • Provide common sense solutions to problems without making a song and dance about it?
  • Counsel you and give you a helping hand, when the stress gets too much?
  • Give you a loyalty discount next time you use their services?
  • Give you all the charges before we start to work for you and no nasty bill shock?
  • Make it easy for you to make contact so you don't have to take time off work?
  • Give you a guarantee that you can always speak to the lawyer dealing with your matter?
  • Provide you with unrivalled local knowledge, and not just on legal matters?
  • Above all, provide testimonials from clients proving they don't just talk the talk but walk the walk                      

No real magic just a common sense approach to make your business relationship as informed educated and pleasant as possible.

So there you have it.

A little bit more information about what type of service you want and how you should able to choose your Conveyancer.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in 2011 in our original series “Everything You Need to Know About Buying and Selling Your Home in 31 Bite-Sized Chunks” and has been completely revamped and updated.

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