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How Many Conveyancing Solicitors Are There In Chipping Sodbury?

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A strange question you may ask.

Why would any one really want to know how many Conveyancing solicitors, that is conveyancing law firms, there are in Chipping Sodbury?

But, bear with me and you will understand my thought process as it involves finding out about law firms when conducting a Google search.

Google Does Not Like “Black Hat” Tactics

Google the world’s largest search engine is nothing to its advertisers unless it can provide as much relevant and fresh answers to enquiries.

Google doesn’t like being hood winked and comes down hard on anyone who flagrantly tries to game their systems.

Google, as reported in the Lawyer magazine has punished one of the largest law firms in the country, Irwin Mitchell, for such practices in the last few weeks. Their link penalty is that there are no pages indexed from the vast output of that law to be found when doing a Google search – only 3rd party pages which mention their name.

It would appear that the law firm or rather their Agency was putting links into unrelated websites which were redirecting enquirers to their website. So a search on roads had an article which included road accidents and how you could make a claim, that sort of thing.

"Conveyancing in Chipping Sodbury"

So being the curious type I did a Google search on Conveyancing in Chipping Sodbury to find out whether there may be similar things going on.

Here are a couple of screen shots taken today and it makes quite interesting reading:

Happily Clutton Cox is in the top three positions as you would expect as we are actually a firm of Conveyancing Solicitors in Chipping Sodbury.

Cuckoos in the Conveyancing Nest

The second shot is lower down the page which throws up two firms who purport to be solicitors in Chipping Sodbury.
They are not, and for the avoidance of doubt, Homeward Legal and Fridaysmove are absolutely and categorically not firms of conveyancing solicitors in Chipping Sodbury. In fact judging by some of the personnel they are clearly related.

Fridaysmove is a third party referrer which takes a cut from the legal fees from genuine law firms around the country that do the work. Fridaysmove is not a law firm but a firm which profits from law firms.

Legal Conveyancing Quotes purport to offer Licensed Conveyancers in Chipping Sodbury. There are no Licensed Conveyancers operating in Chipping Sodbury.

At least, Quote Compare Convey state you can get a quote from solicitors servicing…..

Are Fridaysmove and Homeward Legal and the others doing anything worse than Irwin Mitchell in trying to game Google? Only Google knows the answer to that as Google does not publish its reasons for penalising companies.

And even our own Chipping Sodbury Chamber of Commerce promotes a law firm in Yate as being in Chipping Sodbury: Tut Tut

You can obviously make up your own mind. Knowledge is power.

Irwin Mitchell will be seeking to remedy their search strategy and tactics so that Google restores their links as quickly as possible. Others perhaps will carry on until something similar occurs but may not be resting as easily as before.

And the Answer to My Original Question?

There is one conveyancing solicitors in Chipping Sodbury: Clutton Cox.

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 Paul Hajek