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How To Make Your Home Ready for Sale: "All Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion"

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First impressions count.

You really don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

And, it’s no different when you are looking to sell your house

If a prospective buyer doesn’t like the cut of your jib (aka the exterior of your property) their mind may already be made up.

It’s unlikely they will venture inside.

Don’t believe all the hype surrounding the current housing market competition amongst Sellers is still tough.

Smartening the appearance of your home may not actually add much to its value, but it could make the difference between selling in a reasonable time or sticking and going stale on the market.

And as Conveyancing Solicitors in Bristol you may perhaps forgive us for the nautical analogy which we say round these parts, it pays to get your house, all ship shape and Bristol fashion

How you can make people love your house at first sight?

  • Be realistic - give yourself enough time between thinking about selling and actually ringing the Estate Agent for a valuation with a view to selling
  • Repaint the house, front door ( especially the front door) and windows – a bit of a refresh goes a long way (neutral remember not nuclear)
  • Re-plaster and Re-point where necessary (well-presented puts the potential buyer in the right frame of mind to make an offer)
  • If you are selling a flat, make sure the communal areas are up to scratch (even if you do it yourself-with permission of course)
  • Tidy up the front garden - plant seasonal and colourful plants.
  •  Clean the window panes, driveway and gutters – make it all presentable.

How To Help Buyers To Buy Your House

  • Make sure the house is spotless.
  • Make sure there aren’t any lingering odours e.g. from pets (No knick knacks on the patio and don’t give the dog a bone) or even last night’s Ruby Murray.
  • Make it welcoming and homely – light or dress a fire (dress I agree more likely at this time of year), open a window, put a colourful table cloth on the kitchen table and arrange some flowers in a vase. No Clutter - box up any non-essential items.
  • Make sure the purpose of each room is clear – a bedroom is set up as a bedroom, a dining room as a dining room etc
  • If you have built in wardrobes, organise and tidy them – show off the available space.Watch videos on YouTube for tips from those TV cleaning ladies. Look and Learn.

How to Win and Claim Your “Sold Medal”

Imagine winning an Olympic Gold Medal.

With a little fore thought and planning you could reap the rewards of a sale within a reasonable time and achieve your very own different but deeply satisfying “Sold Medal”

The aim is to make your house welcoming and attractive whilst de-cluttering and making it neutral.

Remember, you’re selling your house, not your life story, so depersonalise the space and allow prospective buyers to view your house as their new home.

We’ve all heard of “Location, Location, Location”- but don’t overlook “Presentation, Presentation, Presentation.”

And Finally...

And finally, when you’ve got your house or flat all ship shape and Bristol fashion, it’s time to think about which Conveyancing Solicitors to use to carry out the Conveyancing on your sale.

Hint, hint.

And of course, good luck