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Law Firm Most Innovative Marketing Idea 2014 Award

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360 Legal Group Most Innovative Marketing Idea WinnerEach week we aim to provide you with valuable legal content which demystifies the Conveyancing process.

Each week we use our Conveyancing knowledge and understanding of how the housing market works, to provide you with rich snippets of legal information and tips to help you when you move house.

This week, however, please allow us to digress just a little.


Great Conveyancing Content on SlideShare

We started writing legal blogs back in 2008.

Since then we have used other formats such as eBooks, a published Book and video.

As we say not all conveyancing solicitors are the same and when you buy or sell your property with Clutton Cox we promise to speak to you in plain English.

So with that in mind, 6 weeks ago we published an A-Z Guide to Legal Jargon called “What’s The Name of That Legal Thingy?” on SlideShare.

SlideShare is a new medium for us and allows us to be a bit more creative by using visual images.

We designed this guide to give you a head start (and a heads up) in understanding the finer points of your conveyancing journey and to be able to fight (if you need to) toe-to-toe with anyone who may hurl conveyancing jargon in your general direction when you’re in the pub.


There are two parts to this guide. The first covers all the major bits of jargon in an A-Z guide. The second part (which you can find here) covers some other legal words you may come across.

After receiving some rave reviews for our SlideShare presentation we were short-listed for the “Most Innovative Marketing Idea” Award at the 360 Legal Group Awards 2014.


360 Legal Group Awards 2014

And we won!

Clutton Cox are now the proud winners of the 360 Legal Group Most Innovative Marketing Idea 2014.

Paul Hajek is pictured here with 360 Legal Group Chief Executive Viv Williams and Sarah Trude from legal software supplier Tikits who sponsored the Award.

Here is what the judges had to say about Clutton Cox and why they won the Law Firm: Most Innovative Marketing Idea Award 2014;

“The goal of our winner back in 2008 was to harness the power of the Internet in an imaginative way to provide, pound for pound to use a boxing term, the best law firm Conveyancing website and to use the social media as a distinctive marketing strategy.

The firm's principal, Paul Hajek, was the first solicitor to blog on Conveyancing back in 2008 and now appears on Radio 4 and BBC1 as the Conveyancing "go-to person". This small firm has up to 8,000 online visitors a month, a feat normally only matched by firms with 20 partners or more.

Their latest initiative designed to demystify Conveyancing for the lay client is their online jargon buster "What's the Name of that Legal Thingy?”.

Next Week: Business as usual

We’re not up for any forthcoming awards, so next week we will continue our quest to provide you great Conveyancing content.

Guaranteed: Just like our Fixed Fee Conveyancing

P.S You can read about the other national Conveyancing Award we won this year here.