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Making a Will and Lasting Power of Attorney: It's Good To Talk

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make a will and power of attorney with clutton coxYou’ve promised yourself and your spouse or partner to talk about making a Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

One Day!

You know it’s sensible to make a Will to ensure your wishes and those of your spouse or partner are carried out

One Day!

You’re aware that if you have young children that you need to provide for them if any joint calamity befalls.

One Day!

You know the comfort it would give you in knowing you have agreed on suitable Guardians for your young children.

One Day!

You know it will make sense that you both prepare Lasting Powers of Attorney so that if either or both of you are unable to look after yourselves there will be someone you trust who can.

One Day!

To help you along that process we’ve done a short video for you to look at from to time.

Until, that is, you have the comfort and peace of mind knowing you have made your Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

The video is a glimpse into how easy it is to make a Will and a Lasting Power of Attorney.

We've also created for you a series of newsletters about all things surrounding making a Will and providing for your spouse partner and family. If you would like to receive them please click the link at the bottom of the page.

See your Solicitor and make it happen.

One Day?

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