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Moving House: To Boldly Go or...?

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Space, the final frontier.

Space the final frontier

And not just for Captain James T. Kirk.

Whether it is a growing family, starting a home business or adult children returning to the nest, there will come a time when some of us need a bit more room!

So, what are your options?

There are two options; you can move house or put an extension on your current house.

But how do you choose which is right for you?

Here are some things to take into consideration when deciding.

Moving House

We all know that moving house can be expensive and stressful.

House prices are rising, tougher mortgage requirements have been introduced, stamp duty land tax, solicitors fees, land registry fees, deposit, VAT, estate agents fees…it all mounts up.

Not to mention that a larger house is more expensive and may need some renovations – new bathroom, new kitchen, decorating…

Then there is moving costs – do you hire a firm to do it for you or hire a van and do it yourself?

For those out there who worry about the cost of conveyancing, you’ll be surprised (and delighted) to hear that it’s not the most expensive part of the transaction. Of the total amount of money you pay to your solicitors:

  • 5-6% is conveyancing fees (search fees, money laundering checks, bank transfer fees.)
  • 90% goes to the government for Stamp Duty Land Tax and VAT.
  • 2 % goes to the Land Registry.

Another consideration is the location of your house. Is the house you move to going to be in and appropriate area for local amenities and schools, is there parking, doctors surgeries, can you walk to the shops….? All things to consider! You have to weigh up the upheaval and costs of moving with the possible sacrifice of losing a community.

If you have the available funds to buy a larger house and don’t mind the upheaval of moving this could be your answer.


If the thought of moving isn’t bearable (or affordable), then you could look into extending your current home.

If you have the space you could convert the loft or garage, extend the kitchen and create another room upstairs, you could add a conservatory or even put a ‘pod’, summer house or build an office in your garden.

It all depends on whether you are after more living space, an extra bedroom or a home office.

Something to think seriously about is the space it will take up. Whatever you do to the house needs to add value, not take away important space. One day you may have to sell the house and taking up half the garden with a kitchen extension could turn away potential purchasers.

Once you’ve decided you’re going to do an extension, you have to look at the expenses; architect fees, builders, plumbers, decorators…

Again it all mounts up!

No matter which option you choose, you have to make sure it’s right for you, is future proof, doesn’t take any value off the house and is something you can afford.

But, if you do decide moving house is for you, you can start budgeting for your legal fees and expenses here.

Logical captain.