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It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day, It's a New Website

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clutton cox conveyancing wills and probateWe’re listening and we’re paying attention.

Almost 40% of you (that’s 2/5ths of you dear reader in old money) now access our website on a mobile device. So, without driving you all to Specsavers for a new pair of glasses, we’ve made our website as easy to read on a mobile as on a PC.

We launched our first website way back in 2000, our current website in 2009 but we hear you.

And to-day’s the day.

Nina Simone’s song was used in a well-known ITV soap opera last week at a funeral ( so I’m told) so why not a birth as well.

We have officially launched our shiny new, highly accessible and responsible website.

In time honoured tradition we have asked various luminaries for some timely comments.

And, we've already had raving reviews!* Here are a small hand-full:

  •  'If new websites be the food of love, click on' – William Shakespeare
  •  'This website makes me completely and perfectly and incandescently happy' – Jane Austen
  •  'I don't like it...I love it' – The head judge of shows X-Factor and Britain's Got know who- his name escapes me.
  •  'You've nailed, you've made it your own. Your website is dynamite!' – Erstwhile judge of said  X Factor
  •  'You're off to great places. Today is your day. This website is waiting, so get on your way!' - Dr Seuss
  •  'This website could be the greatest on the planet if mine didn't already exist' – Kanye West
  •  'A pleasure more thrilling than winning the Cup for Tottingham' – O.Ardiles
  •  'It’s an Evergreen El Dorado and Carnivorious Cornucopia' – Alan Whicker
  •  'Am I bovvered, Boverred Am I, Suis-Je Bovvered ?'– Catherine Tate
  •  'Law Firms Watch Out - The times they are a-changin' - R.Zimmerman
  •  'This website is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get' – Forest Gump
  •  'That’s another fine website you’ve got me into' – Stan Laurel
  •  'Every journey of 10,000 pages starts with the first click' – Confucius

 And it's no wonder!

 Our fresh new look makes navigating a lot simpler with larger icons and vibrant design making your experience less laborious.

 New First Time Here Section

We have thousands of unique visitors to our website each month. Quite a goodly number of you come back each month for more and more great legal content.

But, for those of you who are new to our site we’ve created a special page for you so you can navigate around much more easily and get the right legal content just for you.

7 Day Property Buying and Selling Bootcamp

We are also launching a new 7 Day Property Bootcamp for all of you looking to move home this summer.

We’ve added enough entertaining and informative content to help whether you are moving for the first time or are a seasoned campaigner.

Sign up to Major Home-Move's Bootcamp for seven days of truly useful content to get you into shape and ready to move!

Clutton Cox App

And remember, as Pharrell Williams might say:

             be 'appy' and 'tap along and download if that's what you wanna do!'

Our new Clutton Cox app for iPhone and Android devices makes it easy for you to access our latest blogs ( Conveyancing-the-Go) and much, much more.

Room to Improve and Grow

Our mantra at Clutton Cox Central is: Clients Ask We Answer

So if there is anything you would like to cover or provide more information for us you only have to ask – and if you’re not yet a client – we are very, very patient.

So climb aboard, explore the website and above all else…


Sign up to our 7 Day Property Bootcamp!

*As imagined by Paul Hajek.

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