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New Property Information Form: Japanese Knotweed and Other Tall Stories

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japanese knotweed

Update: this blog has now been updated, and you can view it here.


The Property Information Form is one of the key components of the Conveyancing Protocol when you are buying and selling your home.

The Conveyancing Protocol was introduced back in 1990 as a means to standardise and streamline the Conveyancing Process. The Property Information Form was intended to replace what we used to call Standard Enquires of Sale. Clutton Cox as part of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme is duty bound to use the protocol which includes using the Property Information Form or as it tends to be called the TA6.

The Purpose of the Property Information Form

The TA6 is a form, akin to an aide memoir, for the Seller (the Protocol has tried to do away with the terms Vendor and Purchaser –but old habits do die hard!) and a helpful guide for the Buyer of a property – with legal consequences for misrepresentation or omission by the Selle

The form will be one of the first pieces of documentation you will receive from your Conveyancing Solicitor when you are selling your house or flat.

New Property Information Form 3rd Edition

Well, we’re now up to the 3rd Edition (*gasp*) and the form has been in use for a few weeks.

As you would expect there have been a few tweaks to bring Conveyancing up into the 21st Century (no oxymoron intended)

One of the new entrants includes questions on for example Japanese Knotweed.

What are we going to do with a problem like Japanese Knotweed?

Almost got me humming the tune from the Sound of Music there- but not quite.

But, seriously, the roots of the Japanese Knotweed literally cut through everything in their path – the whole caboodle; paving, tarmac, walls and foundations.

If you are buying your dream home you will want to know about any Japanese Knotweed problems.

Question 7.8 of the Property Information Form TA6

You will be asked in Question 7.8 of the TA6 the following:

7.8 Is the Property Affected by Japanese Knotweed? Yes: No; Unknown

If yes, please state whether there is a Japanese Knotweed management plan in place and please supply a copy.

Japanese Knotweed (Chemical) Solutions Are Out There

As you may expect there are specialist Japanese Knotweed companies who can help with the problem.

It is not eradicated overnight hence the reference to a Japanese Knotweed Management Plan

Other Changes to the Property Information Form 3rd Edition.

We will deal with the other changes to the Property Information Form 3rd Edition in our next post under the title:

Hot Conveyancing Issues: Solar Panels.

Bet you can’t wait!

Paul Hajek

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