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We’re beginning to wind down our legal content efforts here at Clutton Cox Towers as we head towards the festive period.

We will be counting down our most read blogs for 2014 in two parts as we have done in recent years with the most read blog announced in true Top Of The Pops style in 31st December.

We will also round up a few local Estate Agents and harvest their views on how the Housing Market performed this year, their predictions for the early part of 2015 and what is the likely impact of the recent reductions in Stamp Duty announced in the Autumn Statement.

And , we’re already have some interesting legal content planned in the New Year following up with some new SlideShares which have been very well received so far.

The second edition of our Book “Don’t Even Think of Selling and Buying Your Home Until You’ve Read This Book… will be published in the second half of 2015.

Valuable Content Award

We’ll sign off today with an award we were given this week which came as a bit of a lovely surprise.Valuable content award for law firm in Bristol

The award was given by Bristol marketing company Valuable Content.

As you know, dear reader, we always appreciate feedback from you, so to have something written about us in such glowing terms gives us an extra Nimble-like bounce to our step.

The article includes a link to our SlideShare presentation “What’s the Name of That Legal Thingy?” which in just under four months has just passed 9000 views mark which in the legal world we reckon is tantamount to going viral

But, enough already.

Here is the link to the article so you can read for yourself 

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