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Conveyancing Quality Scheme: WIIFM (What's in it for me?)

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conveyancing quality scheme logoThe Law Society recently introduced a new Conveyancing Quality Scheme to assist members of the public in choosing a Conveyancing Solicitor

Conveyancing Quality is a feeling: you can't touch, see or smell it, yet you will know it once you have experienced it.

Conveyancing service is like any other service, the quality can be outstanding, but can also be distinctly average.

The Conveyancing market has gone through many permutations over its hundreds of years&rsquo history from the quill to Conveyancing apps on your smart phone.
The High Street solicitor was the main port of call, but computer software innovation has enabled so called conveyancing factories or warehouses to flourish.

But, you can also get the convenience of the High Street Conveyancing Solicitor with the latest technological advances.

The conveyancing market is always changing and the more advanced firms of Conveyancing Solicitors continue to raise the bar in terms of service and client experience.

That's why Clutton Cox applied to join the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme and was successful in achieving the standard.

We've been doing the right thing all along.

One of the standards which will apply whichever conveyancing firm you choose is the Conveyancing Quality Scheme Client Charter

As part of the scheme each member firm agrees to abide by strict service criteria, one of which is a standard Client Charter.

If you choose a Conveyancing firm within the scheme (identified by the logo at the top of this post) you can expect the following:

When you contact us to discuss your sale or purchase we will explain clearly the steps in the process and what you can expect from your solicitor 
We will tell you the costs will be
We will keep you informed of progress in your sale or purchase 
We will work in line with the quality standards of the Scheme 
We will treat you fairly 
We will be polite and professional
We will respond promptly to your enquires
We will tell you about any problems as soon as we are aware of them
We will ask you for feedback on our service

There are now 200 or so firms of Conveyancing Solicitors who have achieved the requisite standard, and we at Clutton Cox are proud to have been awarded the kite mark of quality Conveyancing.

We would love the opportunity of working with you in your next sale or purchase.

Go on feel the quality!