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10 Signs Your Conveyancer "Walks the Walk" Not Just "Talks the Talk"

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conveyancing testimonialsWhen you choose a Conveyancing Solicitor to help you move home, you might reasonably expect them all to be technically competent.

And, that’s true: satisfaction levels with Conveyancing firms are high.

But, what about a commitment to deliver top-notch service?

The ability to truly hone in on the Conveyancing service YOU want which can make your Conveyancing journey as smooth and hassle –free as possible?

Let’s face it in a competitive world we’ve become a more demanding bunch.

So, what positive reinforcement or indeed warning signs should you seek or avoid BEFORE you instruct anyone on your next home move.

10 Signs Your Conveyancer Walks the Walks and Not Just Talks the Talk

  1. Use Recommendation:

If friends, family or colleagues who have been moved home recently recommend their Conveyancing solicitor to you, chances are that the law firm has passed the “Walk the Walk” test in their eyes.

Conveyancing testimonials are also readily available on some law firm websites and on Google as well when you type in the name of your chosen law firm.

  1. Make Your Own Mind Up

Don’t be bullied by your Estate Agent, Bank or Mortgage Broker into using their preferred lawyers.

Many are incentivised, financially or otherwise, to gain a Conveyancing Instruction.

Give yourself time to look for your own social proof.

A good gauge would be to see how generous each law firm is in giving you answers to your questions already through their website.

There are a few Conveyancing content-rich websites which act as good helpers to answer questions and explain the Conveyancing process.

  1. Check for Online Complaints

Disgruntled clients complain about poor or non-existent communication, and voice their frustration to anyone who will listen. These complaints are amplified on the internet.

Put the recommended or more likely referred law firm name into Google followed by the word “complaints”. You may find some interesting reading and give you a heads up for serial offenders

  1. Explain Everything To Me in Plain English:

Will they explain Conveyancing jargon and promise to use plain English – you know to banish once and for all that hereinbefore mentioned mularkey?

  1. Avoid Conveyor Belt Conveyancing Factories

“Your Call Is Important To Us” - If your Conveyancing firm says they value your call when you ring yet do not have anyone to answer the call and you are put in a queue.

If you can’t get through on the phone nor can other Solicitors and that can delay your exchange and completion. 

  1. Better Communication

Will your need for reassurance and peace of mind by being kept up to date be fulfilled?

Will your law firm respond to you within what you consider to be a reasonable time

We are in 2015 after all ( although this blog was first published in 2010) so a law firm should allow you to choose how you wish to be contacted; by letter, email, text or in person?

First or (*cough*) second class post is fine if that’s what you want not because it’s the way your Solicitors have always done it.

  1. Value Continuity

Will you deal with the same person or will you be passed from pillar to post?

Team work is important but if you need to speak with your Solicitor will that request be granted without a big song and dance.

  1. Eliminate Nasty Conveyancing Final Bill Shocks

Will you get a nasty shock when the final invoice is presented to you?

Have you had a full written breakdown  of all the costs involved with a guarantee of no hidden extras, not just an estimate.      

Avoid low headline rates. If it says Conveyancing fees from £299 you know it is going to cost considerably more.

     9.  Convenience, Reassurance and Peace of Mind

Modern communication makes contact more simple.

Research has shown that geographical attractiveness i.e. local is not as high a priority as it used to be when choosing a lawyer. 

But, if problems occur in your Conveyancing transaction you may need to see your solicitor face to face; not easy if your lawyers are at the other end of the country or indeed in another country.

  1. Empathy

    Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person.

    In other words, can your Conveyancer put themselves in your shoes and understand what your needs are, what type of client experience you want, not just, what your Conveyancing Solicitor thinks that experience should be.

    Client satisfaction should not be an alien concept but embedded deep in the DNA of the Conveyancing firm.

    Conclusion: What Should You Do BEFORE Choosing Your Conveyancer?

    So, on your next move, decide in your own mind what type of Conveyancing service you want.

    We hope our 10 Signs Your Conveyancer “Walks the Walk” and Not Just “Talks the Talk” will make you better prepared to make the right decision on your next home move.

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