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Conveyancing Services: We'll Tell You What We Want, Really, Really Want


what to expect from your conveyancer

What sort of conveyancing services should to expect when you instruct your Conveyancer to act for you when you move home?

A reasonable question to ask but, because of the invisibility of Conveyancing services, one that may vary from client to client.

What Conveyancing service your Conveyancer thinks you need and provides and what service you require and want may be two different things altogether.

Market Research

I know a few lawyers who may think they know what clients want and expect, but I dare say, have not actually bothered to ask their clients for their opinions.

Many law firms still neglect to provide a feedback form on completion of a transaction asking how well the law firm fared and whether there were any parts of the service or client experience which may be improved.

We’ve said it before but it is worth repeating that not all Conveyancing Solicitors are the same.

Luckily, the Property Academy in partnership with TM Group now provide annual research in  their Home Moving Trends Survey. The survey is conducted with 4500 consumers into various aspects of the Conveyancing process.

The findings of the survey are interesting and vital for law firms to ensure their service matches client expectations.

So now, we actually know what clients (and if you’re singing or humming along) want, really, really want.

Client feedback is vital.

The 4500 people in the Survey had all moved home within the last twelve months.

Nearly half of home movers considered their conveyancer to exhibit excellent ‘professionalism’ and, intriguingly, the ability to ‘avoid jargon’and speak plainly – something that conveyancers have traditionally been poor at.

Learning what is important to and what clients believe are our strong or weak points gives us a platform from which to refine our client experience

Which aspects of service are most important?

The survey respondents answered that their conveyancer should be ‘proactive’, ‘professional’, a ‘problem solver’ – more than 70% rated these as ‘really important’.

It is also worth noting that being well informed, professional experienced is not enough.

Clients want and expect us to show that we can translate the complexities of a conveyancing into layman’s terms, whilst also building a good rapport.

How often should your conveyancer contact you during the conveyancing process?

Nearly three quarters of respondents (72%) want to be updated at least once a week, if not more, even if there is not necessarily anything to report.

Perhaps, it is no surprise to see that email (57%) is favoured over the immediacy of the telephone (38%), allowing clients the time to absorb the information imparted.

Manage Expectations

This question in the Report aimed to provide an insight into the attributes that consumers deem most important when comparing different conveyancers.

An overwhelming 70% had rated as really important and top of their Conveyancing wish lists that their conveyancer should be:

 ‘professional’ and a
 a good ‘problem solver’

These are interesting findings as in previous surveys the words most used were ‘professional’, ‘efficient’ and ‘friendly

The need for proactivity and professionalism are not so surprising but a Conveyancing Solicitor who is good at solving problems is a tremendous and sought-after benefit.

Many of the factory type of Conveyancers use younger, less experienced staff unable to answer immediate questions.

We are firmly of the belief that an experienced Solicitor acting for you throughout will be able to identify and solve the “problems” which can punctuate your home move and improve your overall Conveyancing experience.

So tell us what you want, what you really really want and we'll show you what we're really really like...

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