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When you Don't Like the Results of a HIP Poll-Just Scrap It!

This would appear to be what the well known anti HIP campaign SPLINTA did yesterday according to a news release on the Estate Agent Today website.

It possibly never occurred to the SPLINTA founder Nick Salmon that pro HIP enthusiasts would seek to register their opinions in favour of Home Information Packs. This is what seems to have happened when a flurry of votes were received in the poll in favour of HIPS.

Mr. Salmon in his view had no alternative but to close the poll for fear of “hijacking”, others may feel it was his “ball” and he took it home with him-you choose.

Many still want to find a scapegoat for the present Housing Market ills, and the easiest target is HIPs. HIPS are evolving; there is more interaction now between Sellers, Estate Agents and Solicitors at an earlier stage in the home buying process, which over time will combine into a swifter and less stressful home moving experience.

When more confidence in the HIP process is achieved, then further innovation such as exchange ready HIPs will bring even more benefits.

The ugly duckling didn’t change into a beautiful swan overnight