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blogMy aim when I write the blogposts for the Clutton Cox website is to be as informative as possible in an approachable way and if I am lucky – something which is topical (Hacking Stops Land Registry E Conveyancing Reforms)

I also try and include subjects which might not immediately spring to mind when writing about Conveyancing such as Clint Eastwood and King Henry VIII.

It is also surprising to me, when I check my analytics which blogs have been the most widely read.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating or as we lawyers like to say Quod erat demonstratum.

Here is the list of my most read blogs from the last 6 months; the most read is at the top of the list:

Day 19: All You Need To Know About Buying or Selling a House in 31 Daily Bite-Sized Chunks

Do I Need a Homebuyer’s Survey: A Cautionary Tale with a Happy Ending

Standard Conditions of Sale: Updated and Cooking on Gas

Chancel Repair Liability: A Further Visit  (but get the latest update here)

Estate Agents Who Know What They Are Talking About- Gibbs Gillespie

Why Do We Need a Conveyancing Quality Scheme, Anyway?

Please enjoy and as ever your comments are greatly appreciated