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How to Sell Your Property Quickly Now We Are Officially Out of Recession: 7 Essential Tips

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The news today that the UK is officially out of recession will be a welcome boost to many industries and service companies.

One area which may see at least a positive change in sentiment is the housing market in England and Wales.

The Housing Market has shown considerable fortitude despite the recession with small increases in prices over the last few months

If you are thinking of putting your property on the market for sale now, here are a few suggestions to help you achieve the best possible price in the shortest possible time.

• PREPARATION IS THE KEY. Give yourself as much time as possible before you actually put your property on the market for sale. This will allow you time to declutter your home; touch up areas in need of a lick of paint; redecorate and carry out minor repairs.

• PUT your home in tip top condition. Estate Agents have reported a flight to quality by Buyers seeking the best homes for their money. Houses are selling but the competition is still fierce. If you follow these guidelines you could save yourself months of inactivity and stand a realistic chance of selling relatively quickly at a good price.

• DON’T BE HALF HEARTED. Kerb Appeal is an essential ingredient in selling your house quickly. If you are half hearted about the look and presentation of your home- don’t expect to get the best price.

• BE CERTAIN your finances and have loans agreed in principle so there is no delay when you have sold your property and found one to buy.

This especially important, as in spite of a recent easing of mortgage credit, overall lending remains very tight.

Equally, Estate agents will not want to waste time with buyers whose heads are in the clouds.

By knowing you will have funds available at an early stage will ensure you avoid disappointment later

• ASK three local estate Agents to carry out valuations for your Property. Do not go with the highest valuation. We are only just emerging from a recession, not on the cusp of a housing market boom.

• LISTEN to your Estate Agent for his advice. Coming out of a recession, you will still need a steely determination to sell and be aggressive with your market valuation.

Remember, if you are buying as well you will be able to drive a hard bargain on the property you wish to buy.

• TAKE AVANTAGE of more competitive fees from your Estate Agent and your Conveyancing Solicitor

The snow of earlier in the month has led to a shortage of new properties coming to the market. You may be able as a result to achieve good deals on your Estate Agency fees and Conveyancing Fees.

You can start the ball rolling by clicking here with a budget for your legal fees.

Good Luck.