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Fixed Fee Probate in Chipping Sodbury and Yate

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probate wizardWe’re delighted to announce our new groundbreaking online, fixed fee probate service in Bristol – the Clutton Cox Probate Wizard

What is Probate?

Probate is the process of collecting and distributing the assets  of deceased person and paying the debts that person.

The responsibility for taking out a Grant of Probate lies with the Executors named in the Will, if there is a Will, or next of kin, where there is no Will.

Solicitors are normally instructed by the Executors to apply for Probate. Estates can be complex and legal fees for Probate can run into many thousands of pounds.

But what about Estates that are relative simple and straight forward?

Fixed Fees for Probate

When it comes to Probate our clients have been asking us for choice, control and fixed fees. It’s already what our Conveyancing service is renowned for - and we've listened

So where the Estate in question is straight forward and you would like to take out the Probate yourself, or carry out a substantial part of the process leading up to the Grant of Probate, is that possible?

Well, thanks to our new range of fixed fee, DIY online probate packages, you can!

The Best Value Probate Service in Bristol

Clutton Cox is a  modern, progressive firm and thrilled to be the first in Bristol and South Gloucestershire to offer an online DIY Probate service.

Our aim is to provide the best value probate service in Bristol and South Gloucestershire, with unrivalled value for money.

The brand new Clutton Cox online Probate Wizard is a simple way for you to take control of the Probate process with a range of fixed fee packages.

The packages start with our DIY Assist package through to the next level DIY Grant Assist and finally our more comprehensive IHT Assist where Inheritance Tax is payable on the Estate.

Clutton Cox Probate Wizard Can Take Your Stress Away

You will have enough stress dealing with  your  loved  one’s   money and possessions , so our Probate Wizard  service makes it simple and straight forward.

We like to work on the basis that if you can help us then we help you with your Probate.

How Much Will Probate Cost?

Again we have simplified the level of help you require from us.

There is a choice of 3 payment plans to make it as straight forward as possible. You can see at a glance what is included and everything is covered by the renowned Clutton Cox Fixed Fee Guarantee with No Hidden Extras

You can make significant savings from our bespoke Full Service Probate service

What Does Clutton Cox DIY Probate Assist Include?

The DIY Probate Assist is designed for relatively straight forward Estates and comes with the comfort and peace of mind that our expert Probate support is behind you.

Clutton Cox DIY Probate Assist includes the following benefits for your convenience

  • Probate  Use of our simple online probate wizard
  • Step-by-step process
  • Save and resume at any time
  • Access to over 100 probate guides
  • Letters ready to print and send
  • Completed probate and tax forms
  • Detailed probate reports
  • Help with your visit to probate registry
  • Optional: upgrade to Grant Assist
  • And the good news is that our introductory DIY Probate Assist Fixed Fee is  £397 inc VAT.

How Does the Probate Wizard Work?

Simply click below to start the process, then choose the DIY Probate Package that best suits your needs, and in your own time, complete the step-by-step process.

There are plenty of guides to help you if you get stuck.

It doesn’t need to be completed all in one go. Some information may not yet be ready so you can return to the Probate Wizard in your own time and when you are ready.

And when you’re ready our DIY Online Probate Wizard is as well.

Simple as that!

Paul Hajek