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Your Solicitors: Have they been in touch recently?

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 More than two thirds of you have not heard anything from your Solicitor, after acting for you, according to research released this week.

The YouGov survey was commissioned by the Legal Alliance, a network of independent medium sized law firms. Some 2000 people were questioned on their attitudes to buying legal services from non legal brands such as financial services organisations.

This is bad news for all law firms whether they are Conveyancing Solicitors and Solicitors who carry out Wills and Probate like my firm or high street firms of solicitors carrying out a full range of legal services

Yet, lawyers who treat the research lightly may be in for a rude awakening.

Powerful brands, we are told, are circling the legal services market with a view to entry within the next couple of years under the Legal Services Act.

Amongst the findings, 55% said they would consider buying legal services from non legal brands as well as from firms of solicitors .

What came out loud and clear was that an overwhelming majority, some 88%, wanted the delivery of those legal services locally.

Call Centres were given an emphatic thumbs down, with 87% saying they were less likely to use a call centre based legal service.

There is really no excuse for firms of lawyers not to keep in contact regularly with their clients and customers. Communication by post or email is straight forward, and further news can be given by blogposts on a firms’ website.

If you would like to keep in touch your firm you can always be proactive and use the contact us  page of the law firms’ website

Perhaps, though one note of caution: There may be a little pinch of salt needed to interpret some aspects of the research.

If you are banged up at Her Majesty’s pleasure for instance, and have had no communication from your solicitor, this may be understandable. Especially, where the appeals process has been exhausted!