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10 Jolly Pleasing Reasons Why You Should Make Your Will

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happy people who have made their WillsNobody likes talking about dying.

But, no one said talking about dying has to be morbid either!

It helps if you can think about the peace of mind it will give you and your loved ones and the people you care about.

How pleasant it would be to feel that you have done everything in your power to sort things out when that inevitable event occurs.

Here is a list of 10 jolly pleasing why you should make your Will.

#1 Jolly Pleasing Reason to Make a Will

You can make arrangements for your family or dependants; gift your prize assets; make gifts to your favourite charity or other deserving causes; provide for your pets

#2 Jolly Pleasing Reason to Make a Will

You can make sure that only the most capable and trusted of people administer your estate and carry out your wishes.

This could be your spouse or partner, your solicitor or your best friend

#3 Jolly Pleasing Reason to Make a Will

Ensuring your Will is as tax efficient as possible will keep the long arms of the Government away from your assets and reduce your liability to Inheritance Tax

#4 Jolly Pleasing Reason to Make a Will

The dreaded Intestacy Rules are avoided, where the Law decides who should inherit your assets and not who might think would automatically inherit

#5 Jolly Pleasing Reason to Make a Will

Writing down your wishes in a clear and unambiguous Will can avoid disagreements amongst family members after your death

#6 Jolly Pleasing Reason to Make a Will

If calamity strikes and you have young children who survive you, you can indicate who you would like to look after them

#7 Jolly Pleasing Reason to Make a Will

If you have been living with someone to whom you are not married or in a civil partnership, they would not have an automatic right to inherit any of your property. Worst case scenario, your partner might loose their home

#8 Jolly Pleasing Reason to Make a Will

It is also possible when making your Will to provide a Trust for more vulnerable beneficiaries to perhaps protect them from financial predators

#9 Jolly Pleasing Reason to Make a Will

By making a Will you can decide at which age your children should inherit potentially large sums of money.

#10 Jolly Pleasing Reason to Make a Will

Making a Will is not as expensive as you might think, and wonderful value for money for the peace of mind you will feel. Speak to Hilary our expert Will Solicitor on 01454 312125 and she can put you in the right frame of mind.

And last, but not least, you should feel jolly pleased with yourself.