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Conveyancing and the UK Housing Market: 10 Quite Interesting Things To Know

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It was roughly a year ago that I first compiled some quite interesting things about Conveyancing and the Housing Market. 

The idea being that if you had the misfortune to sit next to a Conveyancing Solicitor on a bus or at a dinner party, you could steal his or her thunder by saying you already knew those facts.

Then, you could start talking about the World Cup or Shopping.

Some of the casualties are the now defunct HIPs (well, suspended at least) and the complete lack of a Labour Housing Minister (there were quite a few of them to be honest)

Here is the list which has been updated.

1. The average price of a Property is now £167570 according to the Halifax and £169162 according to Nationwide.

2. The average price of a Property excluding flats, is £224,064, up £40 over the year

3. Average Home Prices have risen by 12.2% since the low reached in February 2009

4. The Average time it takes to sell a property, according to HomeTrack has reduced by another two weeks to 8 weeks, with an average of 11 viewings to achieve the sale

5. House prices were up 0.5 % in May 2010, but down 0.4% according to the Nationwide and Halifax respectively

6. The new Housing Minister Grant Shapps waited exactly 8 days before suspending HIPS

7. HIPs lasted 1024 days until their suspension on 20th May 2010

8. 45% of Home owners have no mortgage

9. 8 out of 10 cats do not feel left out in surveys about the Housing Market

10. Conveyancing still come with a fixed fee guarantee with no hidden extras