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Finding your Will: Don't Turn it into a "Thriller!"

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The speculation that now surrounds the existence and/or whereabouts of the Last Will and Testament of Michael Jackson highlights an acute problem which can be faced by relatives and friends immediately after the death of a loved one. Is there a Will, and if so, where and how will Probate be obtained.

Luckily a simple solution is now available through your Solicitors.

Clutton Cox of Chipping Sodbury Bristol South Gloucestershire is one of a growing number of law firms, who have signed up to a central register run through . All our existing clients who have made Wills with us are automatically logged, free of charge, confirming their Wills are with us. No details of the Will for obvious reasons are given, merely the fact that the Will exists and it is in safe keeping at our offices.

For anyone who has not yet made their Will, the registration service with is available at a nominal extra charge.

A Will gives you the ability to leave your property, money and other assets to people you want. A Will is vital if you have children or dependants who may not be able to care for themselves. Without a Will there could be uncertainty about who will look after them or provide for them when you die.

The peace of mind knowing that your relatives and loved ones will not endure any further stress and heartache by searching for a Will after your death is difficult not to over emphasize.