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Will Writers: They Are All Solicitors. Right ?

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Research published recently shows an alarming 67% of consumers think that all Will Writers are Solicitors. They emphatically are not.

Even more worrying, is that 82% of consumers assumed that Will Writers had proper training and qualifications.

Consumers can be left at the mercy of unscrupulous Will Writers often with no redress if anything goes wrong.

One such Will Writer, who was not a Solicitor, was jailed for 8 years at Bristol Crown Court in October last year.

He was a financial adviser who had a “home wills” business.

He prayed on widows who had no children, and ensured he was made an executor in their Wills. This enabled him to defraud the estates of 3 pensioners to the value of £800,000.

The monies, which the pensioners had earmarked for charities and caring for the sick was siphoned off by the Will Writing fraudster.

Solicitors who write Wills are governed by the strict rules of the Solicitors Regulation Authority and must have a minimum of £2,000,000 insurance to cover any losses.

The cost of having a Will prepared by your Solicitor will vary depending on the level of attention you require. It is possible to have Wills done on line with Solicitors, Wills through the post, or a complicated bespoke Will with Inheritance Tax as well.

Solicitors have spent many years building up a huge bank of trust with the public. Is it really worth the risk of having a Will prepared by someone other than your Solicitor?