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Siri: Where Have I Heard Apple's iPhone Voice Before?

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I must admit to being a tad frustrated when the new Apple iPhone adverts started.

Siri’s distinct voice giving answers to copious questions ( even silly questions) – I knew I had heard before, but couldn’t place where.

Then, Eureka, the moment struck.

Siri had been on the Clutton Cox website all along.

The answer to my mystery was staring me in the face every time I accessed the Clutton Cox homepage.

Why You Need To Make A Will

One of our earlier attempts at video was a cartoon extolling the virtues of making a Will.

When you replay the cartoon, listen carefully to the Husband’s voice.

Our Mr. Siri, if you will, seems initially unsure of the merits of making a Will with Clutton Cox. Eventually, he finally succumbs to his wife’s wishes, as she says, “to put their affairs in order by calling Clutton Cox”

Although our cartoon is very much tongue-in-cheek the message is loud and clear as to why you need to make a Will to protect your spouse and family and loved ones.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to view the Clutton Cox cartoon “ Let us help you to make a Will” now’s your chance.

Enjoy the cartoon –we await your call.

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Paul Hajek