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What questions should you ask when making your Will?

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Approximately 66% of people die without making a Will. I know it is one of those things we like to put off. I even have a confession to make that I asa Solicitor didn’t get round to making my Will until recently.

By making a Will you can decide what happens to your property and possessions after your death. Although you don't have to make one by law, it is the best way to make sure that your estate is passed on to family, friends or charities exactly as you wish.

Below is a list of Questions we are frequently asked, feel free to contact us with any additional questions (and we'll add them to the list for others to share). Telephone 0844 372 3011 or email 

Why is it important to make a Will?

What happens if I die and haven't made a Will?

Will Inheritance Tax affect me?

How do I go about making my Will?

Is it best to use a Solicitor?

How often should I review my Will? 

If I want to change something in my Will, do I have to start all over again?

How much will it all cost?

What do I do next?

P.S. As a clue you may follow this link for some answers to your Will questions