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Note To Self: One Day I Must Make My Will

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I must make a willI know I know – don’t go on. But, seriously how often have you heard yourself say those words?Unfortunately, you cannot assume that if you do nothing, that when you die your wishes will be automatically carried out. In the worst circumstances, the Government could take everything: at best there might be a lot of distress and worry for your loved ones, whilst they apply to the Court to administer your estate.

What Are The Benefits of Making A Will?

You can with a little foresight and planning make suitable arrangements by making your Will.

1.   Convenience

There are many ways now to start the process of making your Will. You can pop in to see your local Solicitor – very handy

You can fill out a questionnaire and have your Solicitor send a draft of your Will in the post – quite handy
You can even make your will on line by answering a series of questions –frankly, a bit boring that one
You can pop into WH Smith or the Post Office and just write out your Will – only joking on that one. Do you really want your loved ones stressed because you forgot to do something you may not have known about?

2. Peace of Mind

  • You can appoint people of your choice to look after your affairs and ensure your wishes are carried out.
  • You can take away the stress from a loved one by not asking them to administer your estate, but appoint your Solicitor to administer it instead.
  • You can make arrangements for your family or dependants, gift your prized possessions and make gifts to your favourite charities or other deserving causes.
  • You can also provide for the welfare of your pets.
  • Once your Will has been completed –it’s done and dusted and you can carry on with your life safe in the knowledge that your loved ones will be provided for
  • Most firms of Solicitors will for a nominal charge keep your Will in storage for safe keeping.
  • Again, your Solicitors will help you review your Will every few years so it is always up to date.

3. Reassurance 

  • As an example Clutton Cox we have a Client Charter, so you know you’ll be treated in a friendly and welcoming manner as well as efficiently.
  • We listen and care- we’ll be sensitive to your needs and be supportive of your wishes
  • In death, our Probate department will handle everything sympathetically and ensure your wishes are carried out precisely.

 4.Save Money

 You should not forget the problem of tax on death

Your Will is a good devise for ensuring you pay as little as possible to the Government by way of Inheritance Tax.

What Do You Need to Next to Make Your Will?

It’s not a nice thought having to deal with mortality.

At Clutton Cox we even have a cartoon to show you why you should make a Will.

So, right, no more excuses. Turn that thought of making your Will one day into a reality: Today!

Paul Hajek